2498 Glendale St. Detroit

SKU: 2566
Property type: Townhouses/Duplex
Area (Sq Ft)

Financial Details

  • Est. Rent PCM: $1,100
  • Yearly Income: $13,200
  • Management: $1,320
  • Taxes: $1,464
  • Insurance: $700
  • Net Income: $9,716
  • Net Yield: 13.49%
  • Status: For Sale


Tenanted duplex property with cash paying tenants.

Two 2 bedroom/1 bathroom units in this duplex property; one upper level apartment and one lower level. It has been recently renovated and both properties are occupied by cash-paying tenants.

The property is located in the Dexter-Linwood neighbourhood of Detroit which is only a 10 minute drive to Downtown.

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