Chatham Street Detroit

SKU: 2110
Property type: House
Area (Sq Ft)

Financial Details

  • Est. Rent PCM: $850
  • Yearly Income: $10200
  • Management: $1020
  • Taxes: $1044
  • Insurance: $550
  • Net Income : $7685
  • Net Yield: 11.68%


This is a charming and fully renovated 3 bedroom property located in a very desirable neighborhood in West Detroit.

Located in the best area of the Eliza Howell neighborhood a few meters from Telegraph Road and exit to Jeffries Highway that gives direct connection to downtown. Without a doubt, a well connected and very residential neighborhood makes it a popular area for rent.

This property is just finished renovating (wooden floors will be polished next week) integral painting, electrical installation, kitchen, bathroom, water heater and heating furnace.

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