6369 Diversey st. Detroit

Property type: House

Financial Details

  • Est Rent PCM: $950
  • Annual Income: $11,400
  • Management: $1,140
  • Taxes: $733
  • Insurance: $550
  • Net Income: $8,977
  • Net Yield: 13.81%


This newly acquired three bedroom/one bathroom single-family home is located on Diversey, Detroit. The traditional red style brick property is in excellent condition and has recently been renovated.

Diversey is close to elementary schools and high schools, beautiful green parks, bike trails, supermarkets, and churches. It’s a quiet and safe community.

The home will be ready to be rented 40 days after closing on the sale of the property. The average rent of similar properties in this neighborhood is $950 per month and Masterkey predicts it can be rented for this amount, give or take $50.

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